Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Live online casino is worth a try

By mr-casino on 2010-12-18 08:28:10

For those of you who play roulette and worry about the way in which the ball in the wheel seems to jump around at the end, live online casino could be the answer. The reason the ball jumps around is that the winning numbers are generated by an RNG or Random Number Generator and as the software is projecting the ball going around the wheel, the ball somehow has to end up in the winning number slot as selected by the RNG which gives rise to the unexpected and erratic movement. As long as the RNG is certified this erratic movement has no effect on whether you win or lose but if you have any doubts try playing at online live casino. The difference here is that at the live casino online there actually is a ball and a roulette wheel which is being spun by a croupier and through video streaming you are able to watch it happen live. Of course this means that with live casino you cannot press a spin button; you have to wait until the dealer spins the wheel which can slow the game down a bit but the advantage is that you can chat with the dealer if you are so inclined. The placing of bets is exactly the same as any online casino and your winnings are automatically credited. Live online casino is available at our top three online casinos namely Ladbrokes, Party casino and Paddy Power but also at Bet365 and 888. Games at the online live casino are limited to roulette, blackjack and Baccarat except at Bet365 where live Sic-Bo is in the offering but live casino is well worth a try..