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Live online casino might be for you

By mr-casino on 2011-04-17 13:26:46

It has not been around for that long but gaining in popularity at many online casinos is what is known as live online casino which in some ways seems to a contradiction of terms as it is either online or it is live but in actual fact it is both. Live online casino is achieved by the online casino operators setting up fully equipped rooms, usually in one of the newer Eastern European countries, and using webcam technology to stream pictures directly to your computer. The webcams are set up so that you can see the dealers who are actually present in the rooms spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the blackjack cards and generally you can also use a chat facility if you wish to have a conversation with the dealer at the table you are playing. As you might expect, because there are dealers being employed the costs for the online casino are a little higher so there is usually a minimum stake which is higher than you would otherwise find at a regular online casino. The available casino games are also restricted in most cases to roulette, blackjack and baccarat although we have seen Sic Bo as a recent addition to live online casino. Live online casino is available at most online casinos and generally speaking there are bonuses to be had even if you are a regular online casino player as long as you have not played live online casino before. If you like the idea of the casino atmosphere but the convenience of sitting at home to play then maybe live online casino is the answer, it is certainly worth a try for the experience and to see how you like it. Unfortunately it is not possible to play free live casino..