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Macau casino industry has reached the bottom

By mr-casino on 2016-02-28 11:23:45

Macau has long been recognised as the leading venue in Asian casinos particularly for Chinese people who love to play at casinos but are not allowed to in their own country and that includes online casinos but the general casino news reports have been reporting on the decline in revenues in Macau for some time. Recent casino news reports suggest however that visitor numbers are on the increase but the problem is that these visitors are tourists who play for small amounts in the casinos rather than the high rollers of previous times. It seems that high rollers were the bread and butter of the Macau casino industry and their absence is continuing to cause problems. It is not clear whether this high roller phenomenon is also applicable to an online casino as no online casino will ever disclose the nature of individual players and certainly no Irish casino player will ever be exposed as high roller unless of course they do it themselves. Casino news reports do suggest however that the bottom of the cycle may have been reached but the high rollers are likely to stay away as long as the Chinese government is chasing the black economy.  In other casino news there are reports that Israel might be willing to open a casino in Eilat which is interesting as although Israelis can and do own online casinos they are not allowed to play casino games in their own country and even if this proposal is approved it will not allow Israeli citizens to participate. As always when something is forbidden there are ways around it and there are cruise ships which start in Israel and merely go into international waters where casino games can be played. Also in the world of online casinos it is known that many Israelis actually hold foreign passports and live overseas where online casinos are perfectly legal.