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Macau is in the Irish casino news

By mr-casino on 2012-02-19 19:31:51

It may seem strange but it appears in the Irish casino news that the Irish Chamber of Commerce is in the process of forming a relationship in Macau which is of course the casino capital of China and most of the Far East along with Singapore. The entity will be called ICCM (Irish Chamber of Commerce Macau) and the idea is to promote business opportunities for Irish companies and people in the casino and related industries. The ICCM is to be headed up by Niall Murray who is already in the business being Director of Operations Development for casino operator Sociedade de Jogos de Macau and Irish casino news believes that opportunities may exist in the IT sector (obviously a strength of the Irish people being already heavily involved in the online casino business software development) as well as hospitality and Finance. The ICCM will not only focus on Macau but will also endeavor to look at opportunities within mainland China and the region as a whole but Irish casino news takes note that there are already Irish Chamber of Commerce people in Hong Kong and Shanghai so good communication will be required. Macau is of course still booming with a massive presence in the casino market with new casinos opening all the time; this expansion according to Mr Murray provides plenty of opportunity for Irish companies engaged in a variety of businesses including such things as energy management and construction. It is also noted by Irish casino news  that far from being a pioneer in Macau the Irish Chamber is a follower with both the British and the French having Business Associations based there. What could possibly be interesting is if China were to open up to online casinos as that is where a lot of Irish expertise lies but Irish casino news does not expect that to happen any time soon..