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Macau is told to scale down casino industry

By mr-casino on 2014-12-27 12:15:24

In the general casino news there have been suggestions for some time that the Chinese Government in Beijing is trying to crack down on their wealthy residents who have obtained their money by illegal means but the latest idea is a bit more radical. Online casinos have always been illegal in China so it is thought that many of the wealthy Chinese travel to Macau to gamble their ill gotten gains. Macau is the only part of the Chinese territory where gambling is legal although there is still no online casino activity and it is mostly accessed by boat from their other difficult territory Hong Kong. Beijing is reported in the online casino news as telling Macau that it must wean itself off casinos and find something else to provide income. That sounds all well and good except for the fact that the casino industry is reported to employ more than half of the working population and accounts for some €35 billion of revenues. Several new developments are also in the pipeline as has been reported in the online casino news so this announcement has caused some panic. The new developments are reported to be more family oriented in the way that there is alternative entertainment in Las Vegas but whether the Chinese will visit without the chance of gambling remains an important question. In other online casino news affecting the Chinese we read that there is now an online casino that uses bitcoins as the currency and it is in Chinese as well as English which is presumably aimed at those thousands of Chinese people who are living in Europe as online casinos cannot be played from China no matter where they are located or registered.