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Maestro casino deposits are a good method of funding

By mr-casino on 2012-01-28 09:17:27

One of the least understood things about online casinos is that it matters how you choose to fund your enjoyment and today we shall look at Maestro casino or the use of a Maestro card to pay into an online casino account. Maestro is as most people will know the debit card associated with the credit card MasterCard and many people will carry both in their pockets but there is a world of difference especially when considering deposit methods for an online casino account. Casino deposits using either the maestro debit card or any credit card are instantaneous but the methods of the funds disappearing from your account are quite different and so are the charges that are made. Using any credit card to deposit into an online casino will cost you a transaction charge as well as having interest charged from the day of the transaction in the same way as a cash withdrawal; depositing with maestro debit card however has no such charges and therefore is a much preferred method. To use a Maestro debit card for a casino deposit however you do need to have the money in your account which is of course not the case when using a credit card but as we would never suggest playing at an online casino with money that you do not have available this should not present a problem. Maestro casino deposits are indeed a very good way of funding your online casino entertainment as there should be no charges incurred and the money is available instantly 24 hours per day but there are also other deposit methods which include using an e-wallet of some sort, and there are plenty available, plus of course the possibility to use cash deposits at those online casinos that also have high street shops in Ireland such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes. Details of these methods can also be found on our casino deposit pages..