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Maestro casino deposits are a good option

By mr-casino on 2014-10-04 11:49:23

Depositing into an online casino account could not be easier but because it is so easy some online casino players can choose the wrong option and although it is possible at all online casinos to change the deposit method once you have an account it is much easier to make the right choice first time. One of the most popular casino deposit methods is to use a Maestro card which as you will known is the debit card version of Mastercard but there is a difference between these two methods one of which is that Maestro casino deposits can be made free of charge whereas mastercard credit card deposits are not. Maestro casino deposits are made using a debit directly from your bank account and they are designed to be instantaneous but credit card online casino deposits are not and although the money will be available in your online casino playing account immediately the credit card company will be charging you interest from the day of the deposit. What is more is that for reasons known only to themselves most credit cards will make a charge simple because it is gambling and this charge is not applicable to online casino maestro deposits. Apart from maestro casino deposits most of the so called e-wallets are also good deposit methods but not everybody has an e-wallet account unless they are regular users of internet purchasing whereas virtually everybody has a debt card these days. Another popular method for an online casino deposit is to use cash which may sound a bit strange but at those companies such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes that have online casinos as well as high street shops you can walk into the shop and make a cash deposit into your online casino account but for other online casinos using a maestro debit card is a good option.