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Maestro casino deposits are better than a credit card

By mr-casino on 2013-03-23 13:57:53

All online casinos provide a huge range of methods by which to make a deposit into your account and unfortunately many new online casino players do not give too much thought to which method to use reaching instead for the credit card that they use for other online transactions. It is of course possible to change your deposit method later on but it is much easier to get it right first time and with that in mind we shall take a look at one of the more popular methods and that is Maestro. For those who don’t know the Maestro card is the debit card version of Mastercard but deposits with Maestro are far better than with Mastercard and it is an issue of costs. Debit cards such as Maestro are designed to be instant payments but credit card deposits are not therefore if you choose to use your credit card for an online casino deposit it will be treated in exactly the same way as a cash withdrawal from an ATM which means interest applies from the day of the transaction. Online casino deposits with Maestro are therefore far superior to any form of credit card deposit. Unfortunately it does not end there as credit card providers insist on making an additional charge for any kind of gambling and that includes online casinos. All of this makes Maestro casino deposits preferred or of course any other debit card is equally good. We have a list of online casino deposit methods on these pages so if you are in doubt about which to use take a read before you register but as we said earlier you can change later. There are a couple of online casinos that have betting shops in Ireland and if you select one of these as your preferred online casino you may also have the opportunity of depositing cash over the counter but failing that Maestro casino deposits are fine.