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Maestro casino deposits are better than some

By mr-casino on 2015-06-01 08:26:21

Any new Irish online casino player is faced with a large range of choices when it comes to making their first casino deposit but it does matter which choice you make even though you can change that choice at a later date. Some of the popular casino deposit methods come under the banner of e-wallets which are accounts set up especially for online transactions of any kind including online casino deposits but not everybody has or wants such an account in which case Maestro casino deposits are a good alternative. Making an online casino deposit with Maestro puts the money in your account immediately which means that you can deposit 24 hours a day which is useful if you play at online casinos during the evening hours which many people do and of course being a debit card as opposed to a credit card you cannot be tempted to play with money which you do not have, something which advocates at all times. Maestro is the debit card version of MasterCard but there are large differences in the treatment of those cards when it comes to online casinos. If you choose to use MasterCard or any other credit card for that matter you will be subject to charges of which you might not be aware such as the charge for using it for online gambling. Another charge is made because it is considered to be cash transaction so the rather high credit card interest rates kick in from the day you make your online casino deposit. Maestro casino deposits have no such charges making them a far preferred method to fund your online casino account. Online casinos are happy to accept whichever deposit method you like but for the sake of economy a maestro casino deposit is quite good.