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Maestro casino deposits still a favourite

By mr-casino on 2015-10-19 12:24:37

Online casinos are forever trying to make it easier for you to make a casino deposit by adding new names all the time but for Irish casino players one of the original deposit methods remains one of the best and that is use of the Maestro card. Maestro card casino deposits appear in your online casino wallet immediately and what is even more important is that there should be no charges either from the Maestro card or from the online casino. Maestro, as you will know, is the debit card version of the MasterCard credit card but where online casinos are concerned there is a huge difference between the two as has been stated on this site many times before. Credit cards incur charges when making deposits into your online casino account whereas debit card casino deposits such as Maestro do not and whilst these charges may seem small, when compared to winning margins at some online casino games they are in fact quite significant and as gambling on credit is never a good idea the Maestro debit card is the answer. Any online casino worth its salt will accept Maestro casino deposits so as long as the money is in your account you can pay your favourite casino games any time of the day or night. There are of course other online casino deposit methods which are perfectly satisfactory such as any of the e-wallets but Maestro has been around long before an e-wallet was heard of and it remains one of the best casino deposit methods. An unusual online casino deposit method is cash which might seem strange and indeed is only available at certain online casinos such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes where there are also betting shops in the country so if you enjoy online casinos such as All Irish Casino then Maestro or e-wallets are the answer.