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Making casino deposits using Maestro is simple

By mr-casino on 2016-02-16 15:12:14

It is one thing to open an online casino account but something to be considered is how to make deposits into your online casino account as there are a number of ways and some are definitely better than others. A credit card is probably the one of the easiest casino deposit methods but unfortunately that will attract some charges which are not applied to other deposit methods such as Maestro casino deposits. Irish casino players may be unfamiliar with Maestro as it is better known in Ireland as a Laser card but it is in effect the same debit card. Casino deposits using a debit card such as Maestro do not incur the same charges as credit cards and are therefore a better casino deposit method. The only real disadvantage for some Irish casino players is that the transaction will appear on your bank statement which for most people is not an issue. Casino deposits made using a Maestro card are instantly available in your playing account at any time day or night which means that your favourite casino games can be played when you want. Another advantage that debit cards such as Maestro have over credit cards is that you can never be encouraged to play at an online casino with money that you do not have. Again for most people this not an issue but is very conscious to discourage any form of gambling whether that is online casinos or not using credit unless you are very much in control of your finances. You can of course always change your method of making casino deposits even after you have created an account but it is simpler to give it some thought at the time of opening the account and if you have a Maestro or Laser card it is very convenient.