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Many online casino players never try Caribbean Stud Poker

By mr-casino on 2011-09-06 13:31:44

There is a bit of a mystery surrounding Caribbean Stud Poker but that is probably only due to the fact that many online casino players never play it and even in land based casinos there are few tables available. All of this is a bit of a shame as to play Caribbean Stud is actually very easy  and it gives the player a good chance of winning; it is also a great way to learn the hands in poker and their value without the risk of coming up against a top player as you may do in a regular Texas Hold’em game. Online Caribbean Stud is a poker game in which two hands of five cards are dealt, one to the player and one to the bank and whoever has the better poker hand in those five cards is the winner; there is no bluffing, no cards to change and no raising to worry about. In principle therefore you have as much chance of winning at caribbean stud as the dealer but there are of course one or two little rules which tip the balance in favour of the bank. Firstly, you have to place an “ante” bet before any cards are dealt which you will lose if you decide not to play the hand. In order to play the hand you will need to place another bet sometimes called a “raise” bet to the same value as your “ante” bet which you will obviously do if you have a reasonable hand but here comes the second point in the dealers favour and that is that in order for the game to progress the dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand which is generally an Ace and a King or better. If you have placed your “raise” bet and the Caribbean stud dealer does not have a qualifying hand your ante bet is paid at even money but your raise bet is simply returned. A full explanation of Caribbean stud can be found here on site but basically it is a simple game and well worth a try..