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Mega casino in Madrid does not go ahead

By mr-casino on 2013-12-20 14:41:52

Recent reports in the Irish casino news carried a story about the building of a mega casino complex in Madrid but if you were looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun and a chance to play at the casino you had better think again. We now hear in the casino news that the project which was to have been built by the US gambling giant Las Vegas Sands has been shelved but so far no reasons have been given. Many in Spain had been looking forward to the project which was originally in the Irish casino news as being a 10 to 12 year project to help bring the country out of recession providing employment for thousands in the troubled construction industry for many years as well as a boost to the tourist industry. It is reported in the Irish casino news that Sheldon Adelson who controls Las Vegas Sands was in  Madrid recently seeking promises about future tax rates so it could be that the answers were not satisfactory. It is also known from previous casino news articles that Mr Adelson was also seeking exemption from the no smoking rules for the new casino in Alcorcon just outside Madrid. Ultimately the complex would have had 36000 rooms and 12 casinos but even in the first stage planning was for four casinos and 12000 rooms. Las Vegas Sands generates most of its income from Asia and being American owned it is not involved in online casinos although recent movements in legalising online gambling in some states make an online casino a distinct possibility in the future. In the meantime it seems from the same Irish casino news reports that sun and casino fun are off the menu together so stick with your online casino in the warmth of your own home.