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Modern casino software provides new features in casino slots

By mr-casino on 2017-02-24 09:43:55

Online sports gambling software has become much more sophisticated over the last few years but the progress has been nothing like the advancements in online casino software which has had to adjust to ever increasing complexity mostly in the area of casino slots. Way back in the beginning of online casinos it was not unusual for the online casino operator to build their own casino software with a small army of programmers but over the years the development of that casino software has become so complex and specialised that it is in now in hands of possibly a dozen companies. As usual some of these are quite large companies such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt while others are quite small and less well known such as Play N Go or NXT. The larger companies are not necessarily better in the casino games which they produce and in fact really likes some of the casino slots produced by the smaller companies but they simply do not have the range that the big boys have. The casino software companies themselves do not operate online casinos but instead have some financial arrangement with several online casinos and the online casinos themselves either choose one casino software to go with or in some cases they use more than one to give them a greater range of casino games.

The fact that casino software companies do business with several online casinos also explains why you can find the identical casino slot in several online casinos and indeed why some online casinos look remarkably similar to each other. This is actually not a bad thing especially when it comes to the progressive jackpot slots as it enables the size of the jackpot to grow much faster than would be the case if just a single online casino were using the software. It may not be a generally known fact that the large jackpots are in fact not controlled by any individual online casino but by the casino software company that developed the game. This allows the progressive jackpot to grow from each spin on the game on any online casino site which is using the game. Each spin only contributes a minuscule amount to the jackpot but with several online casinos contributing it will soon grow. You may also have noticed than an online casino is extremely happy when one of its players hits one of these huge jackpots when you might expect it to be unhappy about a player taking so much money. The truth is that the jackpot money is funded by the casino software company so the online casino itself loses nothing but can gain advantage by advertising the fact a player on their site has won.

Casino software companies are of course always trying to be better than their competition by offering new games or new features and one of the more recent features is to do away with the conventional 5 reel arrangement with three symbols showing on each reel and replace them with fifteen symbols which are totally independent of each other. This arrangement enables symbols to be held or replaced randomly which in turn allows some new features in the games. particularly likes a couple of casino slots from NetEnt which use this arrangement and they think should appeal to Irish casino players and which can be found at All Irish Casino. The first of these is called Gonzo’s Quest™. This slot features the intrepid explorer Gonzo in deepest Peru searching for riches and the slot has a sort of Aztec theme to it. The symbols are carved onto blocks of stone and when a winning combination is achieved the blocks in that winning combination crumble and explode. Any block above the exploding stone drops down to replace it and new ones are placed on the top row but here comes the interesting bit. The win which you originally achieved is banked, a win multiplier moves to 2 times which means that if the new blocks help form another winning combination then that pays out double. This is not the end of the story as after this wining blocks are again replaced and the win multiplier moves onto three times. There is no limit to the number of successive wins which can be achieved but the win multiplier stops at five times. There are also wilds and free spins which are called free falls in this casino slot and the free spins are of particular interest. If you are lucky enough to get into the free falls mode then Gonzo will escort you to a new screen where the win multiplier starts at 3 times and runs up 15 times after 4 successive wins. It is the fact the fifteen symbols are independent that allows this feature to operate.

A slight variation can be found in the casino slot Jack Hammer™ which is also available at All Irish Casino but this time the feature is called Sticky Wins™. Again it is the fact that symbols are independent that allow this to function but in this case instead of winning symbols being replaced they are held and all others are replaced. If this results in an improved win which it very often does then all symbols in the improved win are again held and the process is repeated. This continues automatically until no further improvement in the win is achieved whereupon the highest win is paid out. This process of holding requires no further staking from the player so there is no further risk involved but plenty of upside.

You can try these casino slots for free at but the online casino that seems to have the largest choice of casino slots is at This online casino currently uses eight different casino software companies including NetEnt and Microgaming providing literally hundreds of casino slots for you to choose from. Roulette and Blackjack are also available but this is definitely an online casino that specialise in casino slots.