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More increases in online casino play in news

By mr-casino on 2015-09-01 12:22:41

Once again we read in the Irish casino news that online casinos and online gambling in general is on the increase at the expense of regular betting shops and this time it is Rank which is doing the reporting. Rank is not well known for an online casino in Ireland and in the UK is probably better known for the Bingo halls and to a certain extent for the Grosvenor chain of casinos and to be fair Rank has reported increased revenues in both those areas as well but the Bingo side has been helped by the reduction in duty. The online casino side of the business however is reported in the Irish casino news as surging some 21% and that is despite the 15% tax in online casino revenues which was introduced last December. It has taken a long time for Irish online casinos to catch on possibly due to the fact that Ireland never really had proper casinos but members clubs which many folk did not wish to go to despite gambling being a way of life but with online casinos played from home it is much easier for people to keep their activities to themselves. Also in the Irish casino news we read of a man in Glasgow who made the fatal mistake of chasing his losses which many articles in online casino articles warn against but this time it really was fatal but for an innocent third party. According to the Irish casino news articles the man in question had repeatedly lost money in a casino and gambled more to win it back until he had no more to lose at which time he left the casino in a very bad mood and struck a random stranger in the face with a single blow who then it his head and died. The moral is do not play an online casino with cash that you cannot afford to lose.