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More Irish casino players than a year ago

By mr-casino on 2016-03-05 10:04:49

Just how many people gamble at online casinos is a bit of a mystery as the online casinos themselves will never divulge information (quite rightly) and individuals are mostly not that keen to offer that information even if they win unless of course it is one of the multi million Euro jackpots that are on offer at the online casino slots. An individual online casino is very happy when one of its players hits a jackpot and they are very keen to publicize the fact but they will only ever give initials and a country of the winner. The reason they are happy by the way is that several online casinos contribute to the progressive jackpots so that when it is eventually won there is no additional cost to the individual online casino but they hope it will encourage others to sign up and play whichever casino game it was. It is a bit the same with online bingo. When the only bingo available was in the bingo halls it was very difficult to hide the fact that you were playing but now that bingo is available at many online casinos it is very easy and you don’t even have to use your own name as avatars are very common and in fact encouraged. are convinced however that there are many more Irish casino players playing online than there were  even 12 months ago although there are no statistics to prove it. The continuous investment in new casino games by online casinos must mean that there is a strong market and we even see new online casinos coming on stream on a regular basis which again suggests that more and more people are interested in the entertainment which online casinos can offer. Keep yourself safe at the online casino however by choosing one of the recommended online casinos listed on this site.