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Neteller is good to use for your online casino deposits

By mr-casino on 2012-09-04 08:34:34

Most people who participate in any form of online transaction and online casinos in particular will have heard of Pay Pal but there are other similar organizations such as Neteller which are collectively what is known as e-wallets. Funding your online casino with Neteller could not be simpler once you have opened an account and of course that Neteller account can be used for all kinds of internet transactions not just your online casino account. Neteller has been around since 1999 and operates in countries around the world including Ireland and it is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK through the parent company Optimal Payments PLC making it a very secure casino deposit method. To open a Neteller account to enable online casino deposits you will have to provide banking details and probably answer some questions to help prevent money laundering but the advantage of Neteller or any other e-wallet is that once you have done that you can make deposits into any online casino without disclosing any further information to the casino other than your Neteller account number and all of the online casinos that we recommend on this site at will accept casino deposits using Neteller. Like all other e-wallets Neteller is not a bank as such but merely a payment facilitator which means that there are no provisions for credit or in other words you need to deposit money into your Neteller account before they will make payments on your behalf or otherwise make an arrangement whereby they can access your bank account to withdraw money as and when required but as far as online casinos are concerned this is only a good thing as it helps to prevent some people getting into difficulties by playing at an online casino with money that they do not have. Neteller is a good and convenient casino deposit method.