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New Christmas casino players have decisions to make

By mr-casino on 2017-12-25 14:58:51

It is Christmas Day again when most people have a holiday but spare a thought for those who have to work due to the nature of their employment. For the rest of Ireland however it is time to relax and enjoy yourself for a day or possibly two and what better way than to try out an online casino for the first time. Online casinos do not close for Christmas so possible you could make today one of the best days of the year by winning a large amount of cash. You have arrived at a good place for selecting an online casino as has several recommendations of good well licensed ones and as does not run any online casino itself it is possible to give independent advice and it doesn’t matter which of the recommendations you eventually choose but the advice is to choose one of them from the list as this at least ensures that your chosen online casino is at least well run and honest. Whichever you choose, one of the most important questions faced by all Irish casino players signing up for an online casino account is which of the many casino deposit options to choose to fund your casino account. Remember also that any winnings you make will be given back to you using the same method that you used for your deposit.

The most obvious of the casino deposit options is a credit card as most Irish online casino players will have one but although it might be the most convenient it is not necessarily the best as there are charges which you might not know about. Firstly hidden in the small print of your credit card agreement you will probably find a small note about a special charge being made for credit card transactions to gambling companies. Obviously has not read the terms and conditions of every credit card issuer but it is common enough to suspect that it is there. This charge may not seem large but when considering the slim margins that there are on many casino games every small percentage can make a difference and anyway there is no logical reason why credit card casino deposits should attract an extra charge as they are no different from any other internet transaction but nevertheless it is probably there. This is also not the end of the story as far as credit card casino deposits are concerned. When using a credit card as a casino deposit option the money is available in your account straight away which is of course what you want but because of that the transaction is considered a cash transaction in just the same way as it would if you were to use your credit card at an ATM to withdraw cash. This is something that most people would only do in an emergency because cash transactions on your credit card attract interest from the day of the cash withdrawal at the extortionate rates which credit card companies charge. Even if you are one of the good people who pay off their credit in full every month the charge still applies.

A credit card is therefore one of the worst selections of casino deposit options but fortunately every online casino has other options available. A debit card is always one of the better casino deposit options as long as you do not mind the online casino having those details. Good online casinos such as those listed at the site all have very good encryption systems so it need not be a concern but there are Irish casino players who do not like the idea and that is perfectly understandable. Strangely enough online casinos probably have some of the best security measures on the internet as they are often seen by hackers as a target; not for your personal details but as a way to cheat the system. A debit card has no charges but of course you do need to have the money in your bank account in order to make casino deposits but as only ever advocates playing with money that you can afford to lose that should not be an issue.

The third broad category of casino deposit options is the use of any of the so called e-wallets. Most online casinos offer the possibility to deposit with the better known e-wallets with the exception of PayPal which can be missing from the list of a few of them. This has something to do with the charges made by PayPal to the online casino where once again several of them such as All Irish Casino for example refuse to pay. Fortunately there are plenty of others to choose from. Using an e-wallet to make online casino deposits does have the advantage that your bank count details are kept from the online casino but on the other had there are charges as for all internet transactions. This means that which of the available casino deposit options you choose is an important decision. It is of course possible to change your chosen deposit method at any time but getting it right first time saves the effort.

Another thing which new online casino players are going to have to think about is whether to be influenced by the apparently tempting offers which are available. There is a lot that could be written about these offers but in a nutshell all casino bonuses which promise to match your deposit will be deposited into a bonus account which is separate from your playing account. The difference between these two accounts is that money in your playing account can be withdrawn but money in a bonus account cannot until certain requirements have been met. These requirements will be that you stake the money a number of times on certain casino games and that number can be quite large. This is obviously designed to give the casino the chance to win back the money before it can be paid out which is understandable but it is important that as a new player you realise this.

Merry Christmas