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New online casino players should read about deposit options

By mr-casino on 2013-11-12 14:04:21

One of the least read pages at is the one headed casino deposit options but for new online casino players that page could be very important as it provides guidance on what are good deposit methods and which are less good and it may even come as surprise to some Irish online casino players that are good and not so good methods. The problem really arises in the fact that online casino deposits are not treated in the same way as any other internet transaction by most if not all credit card companies which is what makes credit card casino deposits definitely in the not preferred category. For reasons known only to themselves you will probably find in the small print of your credit card agreement a short sentence that allows them to charge you specifically for making an online casino deposit and this is in addition to the fact that the transaction is treated as a cash withdrawal and is therefore subject to interest from the day of the deposit regardless of whether you pay your credit card off at the end of the month or not. You will have gathered by now that is not in favour of using a credit card as an online casinos deposit method. In the opinion of the best casino deposit method by far and which is accepted by all online casinos is the use of one of the several e-wallets which are available to Irish casino players. Transactions into or out of your online casino account are treated just like any other online transaction by these e-wallets and of course they have the added advantage that there is no need to register your credit card details with the online casino. Another popular online casino deposit method for Irish casino players is to use cash which can be done at both Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino by visiting one of the high street shops.