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News of a possible casino in Belfast

By mr-casino on 2014-01-01 16:39:38

Northern Ireland does not have laws which allow casinos and Belfast Council has so far only issued licenses for amusement arcades but in the general casino news it has been reported that Rank Group which operates many casinos in other parts of the UK is in preliminary discussion with Councillors to open a full blown entertainment centre with cinemas and restaurants as well as a proper casino with roulette wheels and card tables. It does seem strange that online casinos are perfectly legal in the country and yet there are no actual casinos where the public can go to enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment so this casino news is good news. Rank has specifically chosen Belfast as it has not only the highest population but also a high unemployment rate. According to casino news reports Rank strategy director Dan Waugh a complex could provide employment for 200 people as well as generate additional income for the council through business rates and of course other taxes. He went on to promise to employ long term unemployed and provide the considerable training needed to become skilled in the gaming industry which he also points out are then transferable all across the world. Any decision will have to go through the Department for Social Development where the current laws would need to be changed so this is not going to happen quickly but as many Northern Irish people currently enjoy playing at an online casino and there are enough bookmakers around it does not seem to be a major step. Mr Waugh hopes to have individual discussions with the various interested parties within the council early this year and depending upon the reaction after that proposals may follow and in the meantime will continue to monitor and report any significant movement.