Casino and online casino list for Ireland

No online casino in Macau but it the gambling capital of the East

By mr-casino on 2018-11-18 08:56:27

Playing at a casino is great fun and is enjoyed by many people across the globe although there are countries where casinos are illegal such as China or Japan. China is all the more remarkable as it is known that many Chinese people enjoy gambling and if you ever venture into a casino, which won’t be in Ireland unfortunately as Irish land casinos do not exist, you will see many of them crowding around the tables. The outlet for the Chinese casino players is Macau which although part of China and just off the coast has had legal gambling since the 1850s when it was a Portuguese colony. Players from both China and Hong Kong flock there, which according to the Chinese Government is because people are trying to launder money from a black economy. The Chinese Government would probably like to shut down the activity in Macau but as gambling represents about 50% of the economy it would need to be replaced by something else to prevent the locals being up in arms. Originally only Chinese gambling games were played but Western casino games arrived in the 19th century. Another strange fact is that online casinos are not legal which is the exact reverse of Ireland.

With no Irish land casinos being available it is maybe just as well that legislation surrounding online casinos is not rigid. All an online casino needs to have to operate for Irish customers is a license issued by one of the EU countries but luckily there are a few countries which specialise in doing just that so if you see an online casino that claims to be registered in Poland, Serbia or Albania tread with caution. The most popular licensing countries are Malta and Gibraltar and it is no coincidence that these are also low tax countries. Even our own Paddy Power centres it’s online operations in Gibraltar. Both Malta and Gibraltar do, however, take their licensing very seriously which they need to do as i-gaming as they call it represents a major part of the economy alongside tourism. All the online casinos listed at are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority so by choosing any of them you can be sure of a genuine operation. Several of the online casinos listed also have a license from the UK Gambling Commission which is required if the online casino has UK players. This does not however add any extra layers of protection for players as it is simply a mechanism for the UK Government to extract taxes from the online casinos. If you happen to be a UK based player do not worry as the tax is paid by the online casino; any winnings from the online casino are tax free for you.

Having established that all the online casinos recommended at are fair an honest casinos through their licensing, what other considerations should you be looking at to decide which online casino or casinos to enjoy yourself at. There are several factors that you might want to consider but possibly the most important is where you feel comfortable. The problem with that, of course, is that you won’t know that until you have tried it which is exactly why  at least the top four on the list namely All Irish Casino, Fun Casino, CasinoCasino and No Bonus Casino have free casino as the default mode which means that players can try out all the casino games for free before registering an account. Some casino software suppliers are more flexible than others even on the same online casino site but you can always get round any inflexibility by quitting a game and then starting again. There are online casinos that will not allow free play and insist that an account be registered before playing any of the casino games and there are others that look like they don’t allow free play but when you drill down to an actual game the option suddenly appears. prefers the first option where all casino games are free until you decide that you want to play for real money.

Another consideration must be the range of casino games which are available and here again those recommend by score highly as they use multiple casino software companies on the site. There are online casinos that prefer to stick to one supplier of casino software only. This may possibly give them a better deal with the software company but clearly restricts the choice for the customer and for the customer comes first. All online casinos carry the regular casino games of roulette and blackjack and although there are some unusual variations those games long with Baccarat and Caribbean Stud are the same wherever you go. The real difference lies in the selection of casino slots. All Irish Casino, for example, offers several hundred casino slots ranging from very simple three reel slots to the complicated massive progressive jackpot slots offering winnings of several million Euro. If you cannot find a slot you like amongst that lot you are very hard to please. The jackpot slots are easy to find on the site as they have a separate tab which will take you straight to them and the simpler slots can be found under the slots tab as opposed to the video slots tab which is where the large majority of casino slots are.

If you need a bit of help finding a great slot try Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ both of which provide excellent entertainment value. Gonzo’s Quest™ is played out in darkest Peru with Gonzo being an intrepid explorer searching for ancient treasures and gold. He will keep you amused by standing at the side of the screen watching your every move, joining in the celebrations when you can get a good size win or otherwise scratching his beard when things are a bit quieter. Get a really big win and off comes the helmet to help you scoop up the gold coins cascading down. Tis is entertainment at its best.