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Not all casino deposit methods are equal

By mr-casino on 2016-01-27 15:09:18

Although has warned Irish casino players about the additional costs which are associated with making credit card casino deposits many online casino players continue to use this as a deposit method. There is of course no doubt that credit card casino deposits at any of the online casinos listed on the site are safe as the online casinos have very good encryption systems to protect your data and there is no doubting the convenience of such a deposit method but the downside is the additional charges which are made by the credit card company for the privilege. Irish casino players will know that margins at online casinos are very small and by using a credit card for your casino deposit you have less money to use at the tables or slots than with some other casino deposit methods. This has nothing to do with the online casino you have chosen but all to do with the credit card issuer. It is not only online casinos that the credit card companies seem to object to as the charges are also applicable to all forms of online gambling. Some of the charges make a certain amount of sense so for example when making a deposit into your online casino you expect the cash to be in your account immediately and indeed it will be but this means that it is in effect a cash transaction in the same way as making a withdrawal from a cash machine using your credit card would be. This in turn means that interest is charged from the day of the transaction  so even if you are in the good habit of paying off your card on the due date there will still be interest charges to pay. Credit card casino deposits may be convenient but there are better ways of funding your online casino account.