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Not all Online Casinos are equal

By mr-casino on 2010-10-11 14:24:48

Although there are a great number of online casinos available to Irish consumers they are not all equal in terms of offerings and security. Like everything else on the internet you need to be watchful to be safe and that is why we at have done a lot of legwork for you to bring you only the best in the online casino world. To register with any casino online you need to give a certain amount of personal information and you want to be sure that information is secure and will not be passed onto third parties; you will even need to give credit card details unless you have chosen to use an e-wallet to fund your account. You therefore need to make sure that your chosen casino online has adequate security so at we have checked the casinos that we list and we are confident that your data is secure. A second consideration must be to know that your chances of winning are as good as anywhere and that is very difficult to establish as a punter so all of the online casinos that we list are major companies with too much at stake not to have honest games, some even publish the percentage payouts on a monthly basis. If an unknown casino is offering unbelievable bonuses or other enticements for signing up, our advice is beware; the old adage still remains that says if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t true. Bear in mind that at we do not operate a casino, we merely evaluate those which are available to recommend to you what we consider the safest and those that offer a good choice of honest casino games. You do not need to choose between those that we recommend, registration is free so by all means register with more than one..