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Olympic Games could trigger casino resorts in Tokyo

By mr-casino on 2013-09-23 12:01:29

It seems rather strange that the recent announcement of Tokyo being the venue for the 2020 Olympic Games should have anything to do with casino news but it is being reported in some quarters that this could trigger the passing of laws to allow gambling resorts within the city. It has been reported in the general casino news that MGM is already looking for possible sites and that the Japanese Government would welcome the additional hotel rooms and entertainment that such casino resorts would provide to say nothing of the jobs and income that would come along with it. In other online casino news it is reported that the UK Government is trying to crack down on online casinos that are based overseas to make sure that they pay tax in the UK. Currently most of the online casinos are based in offshore areas such as Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Malta where taxes are considerably lower but the UK would like tax to be applied where the online casino players are based rather than where the company is based and there would be a substantial difference in tax rate as some reports in the casino news suggest that a 15% rate would be charged compared to around 1% in offshore areas. You may recall that the Irish Government has also been in the casino news some time ago with exactly the same wish but so far without any success. It remains to be seen whether online casino operators will take this lying down but they are likely to use the argument of competition law in the EU plus they are likely to argue that splitting their income into areas where the online casino player is based would create considerably more work. Even Irish online casino provider  Paddy Power does not base their online operations  in Ireland.