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One online casino can look like another due to software

By mr-casino on 2014-01-31 18:16:06

If you are a regular online casino player or even if you are new to online casinos but have looked at a few you may have noticed that some of them look very similar to each other and the reason for this is that the casino software that is being used is from the same casino software company with what they call a different skin. This means for example that All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino look very similar as do Bet365 Casino and BetFred Casino. Casino software is a very specialised subject so none of the major online casinos write their own preferring instead to use one of the relatively few companies that actually write the casino software. The major players in the casino software market in no particular order are Microgamng, NetEnt, Chartwell, Playtech and Wagerworks. Each of these has their own suite of games which includes casino slots so another clue to which casino software is being used is the branding of the slots available at the online casino. This is in fact a benefit to the online casino player as with several online casinos playing the same slot games the progressive jackpots build much faster than they would otherwise. This also goes part way to explaining why an online casino is happy when one of its players hits a large jackpot as it does not actually cost the online casino anything. All the online casino software companies mentioned are covered in the casino software pages at so if you want to read more about them you can find more information there. It probably doesn’t matter too much which casino software your chosen online casino uses at the end of the day as long as you enjoy the casino games that are available and switching to another online casino may also not help if they are using the same  software.