Casino and online casino list for Ireland

One online casino gives cash back if you lose

By mr-casino on 2014-09-12 14:55:10

If you are fed up with trying to fathom out which online casino to play at based on the casino bonus which is offered have a possible solution which is to go to an online casino that offers no bonus at all called No Bonus Casino. Sounds strange maybe but in actual fact all of the bonuses that are offered at online casinos have limitations on them so they for example only apply to your first ever deposit or sometimes your second and third as well but after that nothing. In addition, although the bonus might enable you to play for longer, the likelihood of ever being able to withdraw the cash is small due to the restrictions placed on the number of times that the bonus must be wagered and the casino games that count towards the bonus wagering with some casino games such as roulette often not counting at all. No Bonus Casino on the other hand which is listed in the top three for Irish casino players at has no bonuses but gives back 5% if you make a deposit and lose it all. This cash back is paid the day after you have made the loss and you can play with it or even withdraw it straightaway and what is more, this offer is not just for your first deposit but for every deposit that you make into the online casino. If you win at no bonus casino then there is no cash back but then you have won so who cares. The choice of online casinos is of course yours but 5% cash back that can be withdrawn or played with seems very much better than some bonus which you might never be able to get your hands on. No Bonus Casino is easily reached by direct link from the site.