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Online baccarat is a fun online casino game

By mr-casino on 2015-07-27 11:53:07

There are not many casino games available at the live casino option at online casinos but one of the more interesting ones is the game of Baccarat. Most online casinos also have Baccarat available as a regular casino game as well but for those that like to see the cards being dealt then live casino is the choice. Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is known at some online casinos such as All Irish Casino is actually one of the easier casino games to play which is surprising as the reputation it has suggests that it should be complicated and for high rollers only but as there only two hands dealt and only three possible bets how complicated can it be?. The two hands dealt in online Baccarat are called the player and the bank; there is no dealer hand as such as it is the dealer which plays both hands and as a Baccarat player you can bet on either hand to win as well as for the result to be a tie. All bets are paid at even money but as a quirk to the game the banks hand is more likely to win than the players hand but to make up for that there is a 5% deduction made from winnings on the bankers hand. The reason that the dealer is allowed to play all the cards in Baccarat is that there is no room for discretionary play as there are strict rules governing when a card is drawn and when not. These rules can be found in any description of Baccarat but in fact the game can be enjoyed without knowing the rules at all. The counting of the card values is also a little confusing at the beginning as all totals above ten are reduced by ten so eleven becomes one and so forth but you will soon get used to this.