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Online casino and Visa are not a good combination

By mr-casino on 2011-04-03 12:28:55

In the world today most people cannot survive without their Visa credit card (or MasterCard) and it is not always because they need the credit but it is simply the convenience of carrying round a small bit of plastic and not having to worry about going to get some cash to pay for things but playing at an online casino with Visa might not be the best use of your credit card. We are referring to the Visa credit card here and not the Visa debit card which is a totally different card despite being issued by the same banks. Funding you online casino with Visa credit card could carry two separate charges, one is a charge which is incurred as it would if you used your Visa credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM; because the cash is available in your online casino account immediately it is considered a cash transaction and you will start to pay interest from the day of the transaction until you pay off your Visa which may only be a week or so but with the very high interest rates that credit cards charge it can still add up. The second charge that Visa will make (in actual fact it is the card issuer such as your bank that will make the charge and not Visa itself) is for the simple fact that you have used your credit card such as Visa for a casino. It is not often appreciated that Visa and other credit cards make a charge for any transaction associated with gambling and this can often be as much as 2% of the transaction so the answer is not to use your Visa credit for depositing at online casino unless the convenience overrides any other cost consideration..