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Online casino baccarat is a very simple game

By mr-casino on 2016-05-02 15:54:31

Some online casino players prefer to play at the live casino option which is available at most online casinos these days but one of the drawbacks is that the selection of casino games is quite limited. For a casino game to appear at the live casino option of an online casino the game has to need a dealer so roulette is very popular as are card games such as blackjack but the one game that needs a dealer most is Baccarat. If you are unfamiliar with online baccarat it is the dealer which actually plays both hands dealt which is why they are so essential. As Baccarat has a reputation for being a game for sophisticated high rollers and difficult to play that might come as a bit of a surprise but in this instance reputation and the truth are far removed. There is nothing sophisticated about baccarat online and playing it could not be easier as there are only three possible bets. In online baccarat there are two hands dealt and they are both played by the dealer according to very strict rules so there is no discretion. The hands are called the bank and the player which also explains the alternative name of Punto Banco which is exactly the same game. As a player you can bet on either hand winning or for the result to be a tie. The mechanics of counting cards is the only slightly tricky thing about the game but 5 minutes spent reading the rules at any online casino will soon make it clear. The dealers hand does have a slight advantage but to compensate for this a 5% deduction is made from any winnings. Baccarat is not only available at the live casino option at online casinos but is a regular casino game and well worth a try.