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Online casino blackjack can have variations

By mr-casino on 2016-01-17 08:34:48

Blackjack used to be a very simple game and indeed it still is at many online casinos but possibly at the online casino that you are using you may find that there are a number of variants of the game of blackjack which can add to the enjoyment but you need to understand what is being given away. For example you may have come across double exposure blackjack in which instead of just one dealer card showing, both are visible which clearly gives the player a distinct advantage. Online casinos are not in the habit of giving away something for nothing however, so the downside of this blackjack game is that the dealer wins in the case of a tie and you can also only double your stake on a 9, 10 or 11. Irish casino players can decide themselves whether this is worth it or not. Another blackjack option available at some online casinos is an option to surrender your cards if you don’t like the look of them in which case you lose half of your stake and the game is over. This is again a calculated risk as some of the worst looking hands often work out better than expected. It can be difficult to work out the real value of these offers but for example another online casino blackjack variation which is around is insurance against the dealer having blackjack if they are showing an ace on the exposed card. This insurance in casino blackjack costs half of your stake and pays at 2:1 which effectively means that you get your stake back. The thing to remember however is that even if the blackjack dealer is showing an ace there are only 16 of the remaining cards that will give the dealer blackjack but you are betting effectively even money. Look carefully at these online casino blackjack offers and you may decide that the simple form of blackjack is the best.