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Online casino blackjack needs no variations

By mr-casino on 2016-05-16 11:10:15

There are so many casino games available at online casinos but one of the favourites is Blackjack probably because it is a simple to understand casino game and the chances of winning are in fact quite good. Traditional online blackjack is the same as Blackjack played in any casino in the world but some online casinos have taken it upon themselves to offer some new twists such as being able to see both the dealers cards or being able to swap the two best cards from two hands you are playing. Any of these twists on the standard blackjack game seem to give the player an advantage but there will always be a downside so read the rules carefully before playing these alternative blackjack games. Playing blackjack online does not need these variations as the original game is simple enough and with careful observation you can even improve your chances of winning. In principle you stand as much chance of the dealer of having a winning hand when playing online blackjack but the disadvantage is that you must play first and if you bust which often happens then you lose regardless of what happens or might have happened with the dealers cards. The thing to remember when playing blackjack online is that the dealer also busts quite frequently. Try dealing say 50 hands and playing as the dealer must which is draw to 17 and you will notice that 30 to 35% of the time the hand busts. The secret to winning at online blackjack is to still be in the game when this happens as that means you win regardless of what you have in your hand. In any online casino game there is an element of luck and you can never be sure when the dealer will bust or not. If you could then online casinos would be out of business.