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Online casino blackjack requires a little bit of thought

By mr-casino on 2013-12-18 08:26:57

Online casino blackjack is a leisure activity and some people seem to win an awful lot of the time but of course nobody wins every time so don’t be too disappointed when you do. That said, to play blackjack successfully requires a little bit of thought and even choosing your game can be important. If you play blackjack and like card counting then you should play a game where fewer decks are in play and some online casinos offer single deck blackjack which means that any cards you can see are relevant but remember that cards are shuffled on a regular basis. Even so, you always have three of the 52 cards visible which can have an effect on the chances of other cards appearing. Online blackjack is in fact a very simple game to play and most hands can be played automatically if we ignore things like doubling, splitting, surrender or insurance so for example any total under 12 will always be drawn to and any total of 17 or over will always be a stand which really only leaves hands with totals of 12 to 16 to worry about. These hands need to be played in consideration of the single card of the dealer which is visible which means that you must estimate what the dealers hand might be and play accordingly. The single most important thing in online blackjack the opinion of is to remember that you are always trying to beat the dealer and not achieve as close as possible to 21 which is contrary to some explanations of the game. The point being that the dealer will inevitable go bust on a number of occasions and when that happens if you are still in the game you win even if you only have 14 or 15 in your hand.