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Online casino Caribbean Stud is a great game

By mr-casino on 2015-11-04 14:45:42

There are many Irish casino players who refuse to play poker at their online casino due to the reputation it has as being easy to lose your whole stake in a single hand but there is an alternative available at all online casinos known as Caribbean Stud Poker. In Caribbean stud you are not playing against other players and there is no bluffing so a winning hand always wins and you cannot lose more than your original stake but you can win more than your original stake with a good hand. The only real similarity between online casino Caribbean stud and the poker games played on TV is that there are 5 cards in hand and the ranking of hands is the same, apart from that all you have to do is beat the dealers hand. To start to play Caribbean stud you must place an ante bet but remember when deciding the size of that bet that any further bet must be twice the size so if you do not want to risk more than €30 per hand, for example, then your ante bet should be no more than €10. After placing that bet online casino Caribbean stud will deal 5 cards to each of the player and the dealer but only one of the dealer cards will be face up. If you have a good hand then you must place an additional bet which as stated earlier must be twice the ante bet after which the dealers hand is exposed. For the dealer to be “in play” they must have an Ace/King or better (called a qualifying hand) and if not then your ante pays out at even money regardless of what you have and your additional bet is returned. This is where the online casinos have an edge as your good hands might not pay out as expected. If the dealer does have a qualifying hand then the hands are compared and the winner decided. All online casinos carry Caribbean stud and it is actually a great way to learn the value of poker hands without risking everything.