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Online casino craps can be a simple casino game

By mr-casino on 2013-06-07 08:05:56

One of the more unusual casino games which can also be found in online casinos is the dice game of craps. It is thought that craps was played as long ago as Roman times and as it only utilizes two dice that would seem quite reasonable but if you look at a craps table in a casino it seems very complicated but that is because the table contains areas for all possible bets and it is double ended to allow more players to get round it. The online casino craps table is only single ended but has all the same wagering possibilities as the larger tables. Being played with only two dice which when thrown together can only produce 11 different outcomes craps cannot be as complicated as some people would have you believe and in fact you can enjoy craps with some very simple bets. What creates the excitement in Craps is when the outcome is not settled in the first throw of the dice and subsequent throws are required. There are numerous bets which can placed during the throws depending upon the result of previous throws but the simple bets such as the “Pass Line bet” and the “don’t pass line bet” are valid until the game is settled regardless of how many throws are required. carries a page on craps explaining some of the bets and how to play craps at an online casino and you can make it as simple or complicated as you like. Online craps is a great casino game; it is easy to play and can be as fast as you like whereas in a bricks and mortar casino only one player can throw at a time and they really determine the pace of play allowing all players around the table time to place their bets.