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Online casino craps can be a simple game

By mr-casino on 2012-06-26 10:12:57

If you have ever been to a land based casino or even seen one on television it will not have escaped you that the casino game of craps tends to be rather noisy and apparently gets a lot of people very excited but many online casino players have no idea how to play craps. The first thing to notice about online craps is that the online craps table is only half the size of the craps table in the casino and the reason is that in a land based casino the table is large enough to be able to really throw the dice and to accommodate a large number of people but in actual fact the table has two identical ends so all the bets can be placed at either end. In online craps there is no need to throw the dice as this is taken care of by the RNG and there is no requirement for lots of people so the table only needs to be large enough to accommodate all the betting possibilities. Online craps can at first appear to be very complicated but at the end of the day you are betting on the outcome of the throw of two dice so how complicated can it be? There are a number of bets which can be placed at different stages of the game but if you want to keep online craps as a simple game there are two very simple bets known as the “pass line” bet and the “don’t pass line” bet; if a 2 or a 3 are thrown the don’t pass line bet wins and the pass line bet loses; if a 7 or an 11 are thrown the pass line bet wins and the don’t pass line bet loses; if a 12 is thrown the pass line bet loses and the don’t pass line bet is returned. You will have noticed that this only covers 5 possible results of the throw of the craps dice so there are another 6 possible results which will require further throws to determine the winner. Online craps is in fact great fun and need not be complicated and all online casinos that carry craps as a casino game have explanations and if you keep your bets simple it is a quick and easy casino game.