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Online casino craps is a fun dice game

By mr-casino on 2014-05-27 11:14:23

As well as the regular casino games of roulette, blackjack and slots online casinos often have at least a couple of dice games and one of the more interesting ones is craps. Craps is of course widely played in America where every casino has at least one table with crowds of people usually making a lot of noise and the reason for that is probably the number of people that a single table can accommodate especially as everybody stands around the table rather than sitting and a craps table in a casino is double ended thereby allowing people at both ends of the table to place bets. Online casino craps is an identical game but only one end of the table is shown and of course there is no noise. Many casino players like craps because the house is not involved in throwing the dice as the “shooter” as it is called is one of the players but this is not possible at online casinos so the random number generator is used. It should be noted however that craps players can bet on any result so there is no single result which will benefit the house such as a zero in roulette. If you are considering craps but are not familiar with the rules all online casinos will have free craps available and as long as you stick with simple bets such as the “pass line” and “don’t pass line” bets it is very quick to pick up. Craps is covered on one of the pages here at but the online casinos themselves will also have explanations on the site and what makes the game exciting is that a single throw will often not determine what wins meaning that further throws are required which simply adds to the tension and excitement. Online casino craps is great fun and a change from the “normal” casino games.