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Online casino craps is gaining in popularity

By mr-casino on 2015-09-25 12:16:31

Some reports suggest that the online casino dice game of craps has been around since Roman times and although it is known that there were dice around at the time it seems difficult to prove or disprove. Craps is a very common game in casinos in the USA and has become more and more popular in other parts of the world since online casinos have introduced it as a casino game. The game itself is actually more simple than would appear at first glance at a craps table; the reason being that all possible best are shown on the same table but as there are only two dice involved it cannot be that difficult. You can play craps at an online casino using very simple bets and get full enjoyment and those bets are either the pass line bet or the don’t pass line bet which are nearly but not quite opposite. A pass line bet at all online casinos wins straightaway if the first throw is either a 7 or an eleven but loses if the first throw is 2,3 or 12 whereas the don’t pass line bet wins on a 2 or a 3 with 12 being a push but loses on a throw of 7 or 11. If the first throw is anything else then further throws are needed to decide the winners but your initial pass line or don’t pass line bets are still valid. There are of course more complicated bets some of which can only be placed after the first throw and if you want to know how these work then most if not all online casinos have very clear explanations of the various options available. Online casino craps is without doubt a great game and is gaining in popularity as more and more online casino players learn how simple it really is.