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Online casino deposits with Visa can be expensive

By mr-casino on 2015-04-02 16:14:47

Whenever you join an online casino for the first time you will need to decide how to put money into your account and online casinos have a wide range of options for you but not all options are equal. Many new online casino players will simply reach for their visa card but there are two different types of visa casino deposits namely the credit card and the debit card which for most online purchases makes no difference to the total cost but when depositing into your online casino account it certainly does. The Visa debit card is definitely the better of the two casino deposit methods as there are no charges but the credit card deposit option is to be avoided if you can. For reasons known only to the Visa card issuer anything to do with gambling deposits whether that be online casinos or a simple online bingo site will be subject to an additional charge and if you read the small print of your agreement you can find out how much it is but do not be surprised if it is 2% of the transaction. That might not sound like a lot but when the house margins on some online casino slots are 5 or 6% it is an additional burden. Unfortunately it does not stop there with Visa casino deposits as although the cash is available in your playing account straight away it is considered to be a cash transaction and therefore subject to interest charges from the day of the transaction so even if you are in the habit of paying off your Visa credit card at the end of the month you will still have some interest charges to pay. Together these two charges make Visa credit card deposits into your online casino account an expensive option.