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Online casino dice games such as craps can be fun

By mr-casino on 2013-10-25 17:12:27

Many players at an online casino go straight to their favourite casino slot or to the popular casino games such as roulette or blackjack but there are some interesting alternatives such as a number of dice games which include Sic Bo or the ever popular craps. Casino craps is associated with a lot of noise mainly because in a bricks and mortar casino the craps table can accommodate a lot of players at one time even though only one player is actually throwing the dice in each game, also the table is double ended so bets can be placed by more people. The craps table at online casinos however is only single ended but all the same wagering opportunities are there. Online casino craps can at first appear to be a very complicated casino game but as there are only two dice involved it cannot be that complicated. There are of course a number of bets which can be placed on a craps table and perhaps the confusing element is that certain bets can only be placed in certain circumstances as unlike many online casino games where the outcome is determined by one deal or one spin, it may take several throws of the craps dice to decide the winners. This is also probably a contributing factor the excitement. does carry a page which explains more about craps to Irish casino players but if you want to try craps without complications there are a couple of bets which can be placed which are valid until the winners are decided and these are known as the “pass line “bet and he “don’t pass line “bet. These bets may or may not be decided on the first roll of the dice but no matter how many rolls it takes they remain in place until they win or lose.