Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino has a better choice of slots than land based casinos

By mr-casino on 2018-02-03 16:45:07

It is just as well that Ireland has such a good choice of online casinos as Irish land casinos are in very short supply so it is very difficult to actually have a night out at a casino which people in many other European countries can do. Generally also there is plenty of food and drink to be enjoyed. The disadvantage of these land based casinos is however that you need to get dressed up to go and in some really posh places such as Monaco they even insist on a jacket and tie. If you do go, don’t forget your passport. At home there is no need to get dressed up and there is plenty of food and drink which is part of the attraction of online casinos plus no worries about driving under the influence. Every online casino actually has more casino games than any of the land based casinos with the possible exception of Las Vegas and this is especially true in the area of casino slots. Land based casinos often have rows of casino slots but more often than not they are duplicates whereas at an online casino there are literally hundreds of different ones. It is not that difficult for an online casino to have that many slot games as long as they use several different suppliers of casino software which many of them do.

All Irish Casino for example uses predominately casino software from NetEnt which is one of the major suppliers but it also adds to this range by using several casino slots from Microgaming. The reason for doing this is not only to give Irish casino players more general choice but also to make sure they have access to the largest jackpots around. Both casino software companies have slots jackpots which run into the millions of Euro but at any given time one might be bigger than the other so players can always see which is the largest and play accordingly. Of course not every casino slots player wants to play for the huge jackpots where your chances of winning are small, preferring instead to play for smaller but more frequent wins which can still run into the thousands of Euro. Online casinos have far more choice of those non jackpot slots and many of those can be good fun as well as providing a good chance of winning. NetEnt is in fact one of the better casino software for entertainment as they have several casino slots which run a little differently from the standard 5 reel slots. One of those is Jack Hammer™ and in fact there are two different games with the other one being called Jack Hammer 2™ but although the symbols are different, the features are the same as each other.

The key feature of these casino slots is called Sticky Wins™ and it is made possible by the fact that none of the fifteen symbols on the screen are attached to a reel as would be the case in a standard 5 reel slot. All symbols are able to be replaced independently from each other. Not all online casinos have casino slots with this feature but All Irish casino does. What happens in the Sticky Wins™ feature is that when a win is triggered which is a minimum of three identical symbols on one of the winning lines all symbols in that win are automatically held and all others are replaced. This is an automatic feature and requires no intervention by the player or additional funds to be wagered. Should the new symbols combined with the held ones result in an improved win, which it invariable does, then the process repeats itself again and again until the win is no longer improved. It is also possible to get a completely new win when replacing the symbols and if this happens then that win is also held. At the end the highest win is paid out. There are also wilds and free spins symbols and the latter are particularly interesting as 5 free spins symbols gives 10 free spins. During free spins all wins are tripled and the Sticky Wins™ feature is still in operation. Requiring 5 free spins symbols might seem quite a stiff requirement but in actual fact a minimum of three will be held by the Sticky Wins™ feature so three can easily become 5.

Another online casino slot offered by the NetEnt casino software which uses the independent symbols feature is Gonzo’s Quest™ but this works slightly differently. Gonzo’s Quest™ would be a great casino slot even without this feature as the great explorer Gonzo himself oversees what is going on. Scratching his beard is a sign of boredom which means there are no good wins appearing but if you hit a big one he will be delighted to join in the fun by dancing a jig and try to catch some of your gold coins which cascade down in his helmet. In this casino slot instead of the winning symbols being held it is they which are replaced with all other s being held. The symbols are in fact stone blocks in keeping with the Aztec style theme of the slot and winning ones explode. Once again it is an automatic process requiring no further stakes to be added but with only winning symbols being replaced the chances of a second win are less that in Jack Hammer™ but to compensate there is a win multiplier which moves to 2X, 3X and 5X with successive wins. The free spins mode is again particularly interesting as the win multiplier starts at 3X and moves up to colossal 15X for successive wins.

No land based casino has this type of casino slot so if you want to play then go to any of the online casinos that feature NetEnt casino software. From the list at they include No Bonus Casino, Freespins Casino and of course All Irish Casino.