Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino makes up for the lack of land based casinos

By mr-casino on 2017-10-30 14:25:50

It seems a long time ago that attempts were made to open a casino complex in Ireland and even then the attempt failed for a variety of reasons so that Irish land casinos still do not exist despite virtually every other country in Europe having them. True enough that some of them such as in The Netherlands are state controlled which is really more to do with wanting the income to go to the state rather than trying to control who uses the casino and who does not. Land based casinos are less prevalent in Germany which could also explain why at least one casino in The Netherlands is but a few miles from the border. Some would say that not having Irish land casinos is no great loss as the country has access to a full range of online casinos which are more convenient anyway and probably attract more customers than a land based casino would. Irish legislation is also very permissive which means that any online casino with a license issued anywhere in Europe is legally allowed to operate in the country. As well as being very convenient this fact could also attract some dubious characters to the industry out to make a quick buck and disappear. Fortunately for Irish casino players there are internet sites such as who take it upon themselves to vet online casinos to make sure that they are correctly licensed and run. The site has no power to stop online casinos from operating but what they can do is make a list of recommended online casinos and not include those which they think may not be all they seem. There will of course be perfectly respectable online casinos out there that are not on the list but by selecting from the list you can at least be sure of using a good one.

Although the list of online casinos has been created in sequence suggesting that the first is the best this can only ever be an opinion as what suits one person at an online casino is different from what suits another. There are those that prefer their online casino to be part of a large group where they can also take part in sports gambling while others are not bothered or even prefer to separate sports gambling from casino gambling and then finally there is the group that only plays at an online casino. Casino games is also an issue although in truth that is more to do with the casino software which is being used rather than the games themselves because the online casino itself does not create casino games. There are also far more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers so it is inevitable that the same casino games will appear in different online casinos. This is especially true of progressive jackpot casino slots where Microgaming seems to be the king with its multi million Euro jackpots. Other casino software companies such as NetEnt also have casino slots with sizeable jackpots which regularly reach over the one million Euro mark but the really big ones seem to belong to Microgaming. Because of this, some online casinos such as All Irish Casino who prefer NetEnt casino software for most of their casino slots also have certain Microgaming slots on the site to make sure that jackpot hunters are not missing out.

Promotions from online casinos can also make them attractive but here there is quite a variety of approaches which is worth looking at. The most common form of promotion is the incentives offered to new customers which generally at an online casino takes the form of matching the first deposit of the customer. This can sometime also extend to second and third deposits as well but to a lower percentage. The general match is 100% so that the money available to play the casino games is immediately doubled but trying to get that money out of your account is considerably harder as there are terms and conditions attached. These are usually a requirement for the bonus money to be played through or wagered anything up to 40 times before any withdrawal can be made. This means that of you make a deposit of €100 you will receive an additional €100 from the online casino but you will to place bets equivalent to €4000 before you can get any winnings out. To make matters worse not all casino games count towards this requirement so for example it is not unusual for casino games that are considered low risk such as Roulette or Blackjack not to count.

Freespins Casino has taken a rather novel approach to avoid this problem and simply allows players to receive free spins on a selection of casino slots with every deposit. Interestingly it is on every deposit so the promotion is not aimed at new players only but is available to all players regardless of how long you have been playing at the casino. The actual number of free spins depends of course on the size of the deposit and which of the casino slots is selected to play them at but it can be a considerable number. Playing free spins will almost inevitably result in you showing a profit at the end of those spins so it will come as no surprise that the online casino insists that those winnings are played through a number of times before withdrawal of the proceeds is possible but this only applies to the winnings so there is nothing to lose. If this system does not appeal then take a look at No Bonus Casino which gives something away in the name. At this online casino instead of a bonus with a deposit there is 10% cash back if you lose and the cash has no restrictions on it so you can do what you want with it. There are certain rules for the cash back to apply but they are very simple and are explained on the site plus again the promotion is valid for very player every time they make a deposit.