Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Online casino market as active as ever

By mr-casino on 2014-05-29 13:56:25

There is not much happening in the Irish casino news that is specifically Irish but there are interesting reports that suggest that the online casino market is shrinking meaning that there are fewer players signing up than 12 months ago. The reports in the casino news suggest that online casinos are therefore focussing less on attracting new players and more on retaining the players that they already have. This may be true in some parts of the world but here in Europe and Ireland in particular there does not seem to be any deterioration in numbers of online casino players and the online casinos themselves are as active as ever with special bonuses for new registrations. The casino news articles suggest that online casinos are focussing on long term objectives in the hope that retaining players will result in better income. In other casino news it appears that in Japan where online casinos and land based casinos are illegal the moves to make them legal are not winning. The Japanese market for gambling is huge and the most popular game is Pachinko which can also be found at some online casinos here in Ireland. This game is about sending steel balls out of a chute and hope that they land in a paying out slot. The Pachinko parlours get round the anti casino laws by paying out special prizes instead of cash but the prizes can be exchanged for cash in another building nearby the Pachinko hall. With Tokyo having gained the 2020 Olympics some were hoping that laws might be relaxed to make visiting the city more attractive but casino news reports suggest that time is running out and no decision has yet been made one way or another. The current situation is that casinos are driven underground and probably operated by Yakuza which is the Japanese equivalent of the mafia.