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Online casino players tend to stick to casino games

By mr-casino on 2013-06-29 13:56:21

An interesting question that appears from time to time is whether online casino players are also involved in online gambling in other sectors and of course vice versa and in the opinion of it would appear that there are few who do both. This may at first seem quite surprising as most people would expect that someone who is interested in online gambling of any sort would also be interested in online casinos but not necessarily the other way around the reason being that online casino play at online slots or roulette is simply a question of luck whereas in sports gambling for example it is more of a challenge to beat the bookmaker or to know more about something than anybody else. Online casino players therefore tend to stick to online casino games of any sort rather than try their luck somewhere else except possibly in online lotteries which in any event is basically an online casino game. The sports gambling person is much more likely to have a go at an online casino especially between events and this is particularly true of online bingo players where they have to wait until a fixed time before the game begins and it only takes a few seconds to play some spins on a casino slot machine as it only takes a few seconds to win a fortune. This brings us to the second major difference and that is that generally speaking in order to make a large  profit in the sports gambling world it is necessary to place large bets which not everybody has whereas at an online casino it is possible to make a very healthy profit with very small bets; all you need is that extra bit of luck. In conclusion the online casino player is unlikely to try online gambling of any other sort but the other way around is quite common.