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Online casino players using self exclusion

By mr-casino on 2016-03-31 08:45:06

It is interesting that online casinos are almost always conscious of their responsibility to prevent online casino play from becoming a problem even though everybody knows that it can be addictive for some people and one of the ways that they do that is by allowing players to exclude themselves from the online casino for a period of time or permanently. It is strange then to read in the Irish casino news that one online casino is blaming reduced profits on the fact that customers are utilising this feature in increasing numbers. The online casino is from William Hill and if reports in the Irish casino news are to be believed then some €30 million could be involved by year end and most of it is due to high value players. According to the Irish casino news a change in legislation could be part of the problem whereby William Hill previously made players telephone a call centre to block an account but now have the facility online making it much easier. Many online casinos such as All Irish Casino for example have had the blocking facility online for a number of years and anyone who things that they might have a problem is encouraged to use it. In other casino news there have been multiple arrests in China where illegal online casinos have been operating; all online casinos are of course illegal in China. Despite operating the servers for the casinos in Cambodia the Chinese police moved in and arrested a number of Chinese citizens and transferred them back to China. According to casino news reports the total arrested runs to over 200 making it one of the largest of such operations in history. There is no need for Irish casino players to worry as the sites were in the Chinese language only.