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Online casino regulation in Ireland is well out of date

By mr-casino on 2016-10-11 09:12:41

It seems strange that with all the gambling opportunities in Ireland casinos are still restricted by the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 which makes Irish Land Casinos illegal. Of course the Irish people have found a way around the problem by creating private members clubs and card clubs but this is never the same as a land based casino as found in other places not far away. Even recent attempts to create a casino complex with multiple entertainment locations including hotel accommodation has as yet failed to get off the ground with objectors citing money laundering and the attraction to undesirables. Other European countries do not seem to have the same problem and they have land based casinos in many cities. All of this is of course not going to stop the Irish public from gambling at casinos as there are multiple online casinos which are available and which are perfectly legal. The online casino as a concept has been around for a long time and Ireland was in fact quick to latch on to the possibilities they presented with companies such as Paddy Power Casino and Ladbrokes Casino being several old now. The Irish Government however does not seem to be that quick in embracing the concept or the income that could be derived from online casinos which is possibly why none of the online casinos which are available to the Irish public are in fact registered in Ireland.

Lower tax countries such as Malta, Gibraltar or even the Isle of Man were much faster in realising that online casinos could be a source of tax income and employment and have their tax rates adjusted accordingly as well as becoming specialised in the licensing and control of those online casinos. The result is that many online casinos recommended by such as All Irish Casino are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and Malta derives income. Interestingly enough the UK has fairly recently taken steps to ensure that the government receives a share of the income by insisting that any online casino operating in the UK requires a separate license and to obtain that license they must report income from players based in the UK  regardless of where the online casino itself is based. Any profits from those players will be subject to tax in the UK. The tax is of course levied on the online casino not on the individual so any of our UK readers need   not worry. In Ireland no such legislation is even on the horizon so once again Irish casino players have no cause for concern at all.

AS the years go by it seems that more and more online casino are coming onto the market which is a bit surprising as it is not inexpensive to start up an online casino as the casino software in particular is expensive and without casino software there is no online casino. works for the benefit of Irish casino players by looking at a number of the new entrants as well as the established casinos to make sure that they are suitable for Irish casino players and one of the most important features is where they are registered and licensed. If an online casino claims to be licensed outside Europe alarm bells should start ringing as the integrity of that online casino cannot be assured. The three legislative areas mentioned above are probably the most used and best areas although the Channel Islands is used by some and is also a safe area. To get onto the recommended list at online casinos must not only be correctly licensed but they must also have good casino software and have an excellent range of casino games including the popular roulette and blackjack but also a range of casino slots that will appeal to the Irish public.

All Irish Casino has already been mentioned but second on the list is which is a relative newcomer but has some excellent features including a take on “so good they named it twice” when they say it is double the fun. Whether it is double the fun or not it is an interesting online casino having an interesting range of casino slots in particular which are provided by a company called Amatic Industries. The name will not be familiar to most online casino players or even to slots players in clubs and bars although some of the titles may be familiar. Amatic has been producing casino slots for many years but has been concentrating on the cabinet style machines which are found in land based casinos. Recently however they have expanded into online slots which they operate under the name of Amanet and it is believed that is the first online casino to use their casino software. It has the advantage that it offers a range of slots from the very simple using bells and fruit symbols which everybody is familiar with right though to the complicated 5 reel slots which are called video slots. The result is not the largest range of casino slots in the industry but they still number more than 50 which should provide sufficient choice for most people. has also taken to heart comments from online casino players about joining bonuses and the difficulty it can sometimes be to actually get your hands on any of the cash due to what are known as play through requirements. If you have had similar problems then take a look at a couple of alternatives in No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino. Both of these online casinos offer no joining bonus as such but one offers money back on losses and the other offers free spins on a range of casino slots on every deposit. The good thing about both of these offers is that are available to every player on every deposit no matter how long you have been a player at the online casino. There are some restrictions but as an alternative to a joining bonus they are well worth considering.