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An online casino should have responsible gambling protection

By mr-casino on 2017-06-04 16:10:22

With the discovery of the internet casino play became possible although that was probably not uppermost in the minds of those who had worked on it for so long but then it is probably fair to say that all of the social media applications which are now available were also not thought about. Some off the social media has unfortunately brought about some of the modern day problems as well not the least of which seems to be the inability of a young generation to actually talk to each other. Some of this can also impact other people such as cyber bullying but fortunately online casino play has no such effect on others but it can of course cause a problem in some people which is why when recommending online casinos, takes special note of the various measures which the online casino has in place to mitigate any problem forming. Such measures include placing limits on the length of time which can be played without a break or even more effective is to limit the amount which can be deposited or lost in any given time period. These parameters should be set when the player first registers at the online casino although it is of course up to the individual player to do so. These measures if set correctly according to the circumstances of the individual will help a problem developing especially as the parameters can usually not be changed without notice period. If a problem still occurs then the player can always exclude themselves from playing for a length of time or even permanently.

Finding an internet casino with these possibilities is not difficult and any of the top online casinos on the recommended list at has them. All Irish Casino for example sets limits automatically when you register for the first time which can be seen on the player account page. Each player can of course adjust these limits. As well as a deposit limit and a time limit, players at All Irish Casino can also set a bet limit and a loss limit in any given time which means once that loss amount is reached the account will be closed for a period of time. This may seem like not giving the casino player the chance to win back the losses but that is exactly where much of a problem can lie so it is actually a good idea. Once the lock period is activated whether this was self exclusion or activated by some limit it cannot be changed and the account will remain locked. Any reactivation of the account must be accompanied by a signed letter stating the reason the account was locked in the first place and the reason for reopening. This is of course all designed to be awkward so that problems do not arise. People talk about responsible online casino play but at least All Irish Casino does something about it. has similar limit setting ability but they specify that lowering a limit is activated immediately but raising a limit has a seven day cooling off period. This means that if you have reached your self imposed deposit limit for example but want to play some more there is no possibility to do so. Again this might seem rather unfair for the majority of online casino players who have never had an issue and probably never will but it is to protect the vulnerable. allows self exclusion from 7 days to 6 months and once set is irreversible plus the online casino promises not to send any communication to you. After the exclusion period the account will not be reactivated automatically but can be reactivated by contacting the support team.  These measures are of course only a small part of what makes a good responsible online casino and fortunately only effects a very small percentage of online casino players.

More important for most players at online casinos is the variety of casino games available especially in the area of casino slots. All online casinos have the standard casino games of roulette and blackjack but casino slots vary enormously and that is of course a function of the casino software which is being used.  Many of the casino slots available are simple 5 reel slots and the only thing that changes is the characters on the reels and the music which finds rather uninteresting so it is very interesting to see that NetEnt casino software has come up with something a little bit different in two of their casino slots which are Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™. There is also a Jack Hammer2™ which is very similar. Gonzo’s Quest™ has done away with reels altogether but still has fifteen symbols arranged in 5 columns of three but instead of each column of three moving together each of the fifteen symbols is free to move independently which creates some interesting possibilities. This online casino slot has a Peruvian explorer theme and the symbols are representing what are possibly Aztec drawings carved onto rocks. The symbols are very different from the regular Aces, Kings and Queens but there are still free spins symbols which happen to be called free falls in this slot and of course wilds but where it differs is that when a winning combination of symbols is achieved the win is credited to your balance and those blocks then explode. Any blocks above the winning ones drop down and any on the top layer are replaced. While this is happening a win multiplier moves from 1X to 2X. Should the new arrangement of blocks result in a further win then this is doubled and added to your account but it does not stop there as the win multiplier moves onto 3X and the winning blocks again explode. This process repeats itself as long as new wins keep turning up but the win multiplier goes no higher than 5X in this mode. Get into the free falls mode however and the win multiplier starts at 3X and ramps up to 15X which virtually guarantees some big money.