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Online casino roulette is pure gambling

By mr-casino on 2015-07-21 17:56:33

Some online casino games require knowledge of how to play but others such as roulette require no knowledge at all which is probably why this casino game remains so popular. Online casino roulette is pure gambling and the simplest and often most effective way of playing is to spread some bets around the table and wait and see what happens. Some roulette players believe that knowing which numbers have come up recently will help them determine what is coming next but this is a fallacy as every spin of the wheel has the same chance. It is interesting also that there are no good bets or bad bets when playing roulette as the odds paid out are directly proportional to the number of numbers backed no matter where on the table the bets are placed and in fact the chances of winning at roulette are better than most other casino games. There are only 37 possible outcomes in online casino roulette and a single number pays out at odds of 35:1 which is more or less 95%. When choosing your roulette table at online casinos be aware that American roulette has a double zero as well as the normal zero which means there are 38 possible results but the 35:1 payout remains which reduces the win percentage to around 92%. Roulette is available at all online casinos and some even try to make variants of the game such as Paddy Power casino that have tried to combine Marvel characters with roulette but in fact it adds the 38th possible outcome in the same way as American roulette so be aware. Better might be to play 6 wheels at the same time which is also available at Paddy Power casino but trying to follow 6 spinning wheels at the same time can be difficult. The basic game of online casino roulette is still the best.