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Online casino roulette is very easy to play

By mr-casino on 2014-06-22 08:34:12

There are always new casino games popping up at online casinos but one that is forever near the top of the list of online casino favourites is Roulette and the reason probably is that it is so easy to play and win. Roulette in a land based casino can be a bit daunting at first as other players place their chips on top of yours and it is easy to lose track of where you have placed your chips especially if you are the sort of player who simply spreads the chips around every spin which incidentally is as good a way as any to win but at least at an online casino only your chips are showing which makes it easy to follow. Playing roulette at an online casino requires no more than deciding the value of your chips, placing them on the roulette table and hitting the spin button which means that you are also in control of the speed of the game. Winners will be paid automatically at the end of each spin. There are however a number of bets which can be placed on the roulette table which range from the simple red/black or odd/even which are nearly 50/50 bets which pay out at even money to a single number bet which pays out at odds of 35:1. Take note that when playing roulette at an online casino or any land based casino that the zero is neither red nor black nor odd nor even so those bets will lose when a zero comes up. When playing America roulette there is also a double zero which also causes those bets to lose which is why advises Irish casino players to avoid American roulette where possible. The good thing about online roulette is that you can place any combination of bets you like in a single spin as well as multiple chips on a single bet as lond as you remain within the maximum table limits.