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Online casino slots are as popular as ever

By mr-casino on 2013-04-22 12:07:27

Casino slots have become very popular in recent years and can now be found in many bars, clubs, bingo halls and even on the motorway service stations in the UK and in the USA in places like Las Vegas casino slots are simply everywhere and online casinos are no different in offering a huge choice. Online casino slots are of course a relatively recent thing but the origins of the slot machine go back some years when the prizes were chewing gum of various flavours which could account for the fruit symbols which we can find today on some of the simple casino slots. From this beginning the casino slots developed into one armed bandits as they were so called as a handle had to be pulled to start the mechanical rotation of the reels. The introduction of electronics into the machines was the real start to online casino play as the mechanical features could be done away with making it possible to utilise 5 reels and hundreds of pay lines which would previously have been impossible. The largest number of paylines that is aware of is the “Arctic Fortune” slot at Ladbrokes casino which has 1024 winning lines. Casino slots at online casinos are very popular and the reason is probably that you can play for very small stakes whilst at the same time having a chance to win some pretty large jackpots. Casino slots also keep the player interested for a long time as the payouts on online casinos are usually above 95% which means that with average luck you can turn over your cash a number of times before running out. To win the really massive progressive jackpots available at online casinos you will need to be playing for the maximum allowed per line but it is not necessary to also play the maximum number of lines although obviously the more lines you play the better your chances are.