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Online casino slots have a better payout percentage

By mr-casino on 2013-02-09 08:22:24

An interesting question that we are sometimes asked is how to guarantee to win at an online casino and the answer is of course that you cannot guarantee any such thing and if you could we would be doing it. This does not however mean that the online casinos always win with every player and to prove the point there are probably many Irish casino players who are ahead having won a substantial amount. All online casinos have a variety of casino games and each game has a small advantage to the casino known as the “house edge” which can be less than 3% and the secret lies in the volume of traffic to the online casino. This is the same reason that slot machines at online casinos have a much better payout ratio than those found in clubs and bars. We are often disgusted here at to come across slots that have payouts of around 70% whereas 95% is a more normal percentage for online slots. Next time you see a slot machine check out what is written on the front; it may be difficult to find but there should be an average payout percentage written somewhere. It is no surprise then that online casino slots are so popular. What this all means then is that it is very possible to win at an online casino but do not expect to win every time. Another myth is that online casinos are upset when somebody wins a big progressive jackpot; in actual fact they are very happy because it is likely to bring in more people to play online casino and it doesn’t cost the online casino any money as this type of jackpot is handled by the casino software supplier and the money in the jackpot pool has been contributed to by all players over a period of time.